Performance Gravel Tour 2012

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Event Dates: *Stop 1: March 31st, *Stop 2: May 5th, *Stop 3: June 16th,  *Stop 4: August 11th, *Stop 5: and Overall Awards Ceremony: September 29th

: No Inverted Tricks
Grom: 9 and Under No Inverted Tricks
Grom PRO: 9 and Under with Inverts
Boys :10-13 Years Old… all Levels
Girls: 10-13 Years Old…all Levels
Intermediate: 2 or Less Inverted Tricks
Advanced: 5 or Less Inverted Tricks
Womens: Over 13 Years Old…all Levels
Outlaw: More than 5 Inverted Tricks

Our goal is to get a group of riders out on the water and have fun and compete. So leave your ego at home and come on out for some fun! The format for the tournament is a One Round – Expression Session Format. Do what ever you want behind the boat (within legal limits)

* You will be judged from the time you leave the dock till you return back to the dock. (hopefully)

* Novice and Grom Classes will be allowed 3 falls. * All other classes will be allowed a maximum of two falls.

* Based on the site, there will be a double up on one end of the Lake.

* All riders must be on site to to fill out out liability releases, have equipment checked in and attend the mandatory rider meeting at 9:00 the day of the event Failure to do, without a permission of the event coordinator, will will result in you being disqualified or subject to a late fee.

* The competition will begin at 9:00 with the Novice class going first, Grom, Boys, Grils, Intermediate, Womens, Advanced and Outlaw.

* Judging is TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE…..Our judges have decades of combined experience judging tournaments and we do our best to judge you as fairly as possible.. That said if you are going to get all bent out of shape, scream, complain about judging…let us give you a refund and go do something that doesn’t add stress to your life because life is too short. We work hard to be fair…but our judging is subjective and we want to let you know in advance.

* You are responsible for making sure the driver knows your boat speed and direction of the double up.

* Make sure you know when you ride, have your rope “de-knotted”, and are ready to go. We will not wait on you.

* Make sure you have a life vest and a “untangled” rope to use. If you do not have one let us know

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